Health Care

Strengthening musicians’ health through wellness services and health care grants

“It’s good to have an organization that cares about the work you do; it’s important to the livelihood of the community. If you blow out your knee, or fall off a ladder, or have a terrible situation, we can help you immediately.” – Abigail Henderson, Founder

Health Care

Musicians spend countless hours to fill our lives with the beautiful sounds. They pour themselves into their craft, oftentimes while managing their own promotion and booking. Many of them are doing so without access to health care, an essential part of their career advancement. Midwest Music Foundation provides grants for musicians in need of urgent care.

The application for Abby’s Fund for Musicians’ Health Care is below. Learn about our annual benefit concert for the fund, Apocalypse Meow. Become a member, volunteer, or make a donation with the links to the right.

Apocalypse Meow

Annual benefit concert event celebrated every year on the first weekend of November to benefit Abby’s Fund.

Abby’s Fund for Musicians’ Health Care
Grant Application

Abby’s Fund for Musicians’ Health Care provides grants to musicians faced with emergency health care expenses. This application will determine your eligibility, and will be reviewed by the Midwest Music Foundation’s Grant Committee. Please email the Executive Director, Rhonda Lyne, to ensure we received your application.

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